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Why Xpander Communications

Move Ahead of the Curve with Xpander

We make it easy

What good is a phone system that nobody can figure out how to use properly? Our services are designed by users for users, to be so intuitive, that you just know what to do automatically. From our incredibly user friendly customer web portal to our one-touch, large-display desk phones, your business will be able to use our service with minimal time wasted on training and no interruption in daily operations.

We make it affordable

We save our customers big money. We have designed our service to be as inexpensive as possible without sacrificing the quality and reliability that mission critical organizations, such as compliant medical facilities, have come to expect out of traditional phone services. We make it possible to save money without sacrificing anything at all.

We make it disaster proof

Being with Xpander means your business has phone services that cannot go down. Even if one or more of your locations experiences electrical failure or otherwise, our network is always available to answer calls and route them to other locations, mobile phones, emergency land lines, and anywhere else in the world you can think of. Click here to learn more about our network.

We have the best voice quality

We dare you to put us to the test. Call us and have one of our representatives give you a voice demo using their handset, headset, and speaker phone. You will experience the highest level of sound quality you have ever heard. Not just in the world of VoIP, but in all types of telecommunications services, we have mastered a level of unbeatable voice quality. Feel free to compare us side by side with any provider out there.

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