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SIP Trunking How It Works

Easy to read information on how our SIP trunking service works

SIP trunks are a phone line replacement requiring you to have an IP-PBX, PBX, or Key Telephone System already in place. A “network ready” IP-PBX (e.g. Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, FreePBX, Trixbox, Fonality, Shoretel, Avaya IP office, etc.) will use our SIP trunks directly by subscribing to our intelligent VoIP network through the internet. All that is required is for our network authentication information to be entered into your IP-PBX and it will instantly subscribe to however many SIP trunks and DID telephone numbers you have on your account. Since your IP-PBX is already connected to the internet through your office’s local area network, nothing else is required.

Using SIP Trunks with a traditional PBX or Key Telephone System

A traditional PBX or Key Telephone System that is not “network ready” can also subscribe to our SIP trunks and DID telephone numbers, but it requires the use of a VoIP gateway. The VoIP gateway acts as a static bridge between your traditional PBX system and our intelligent VoIP network. The VoIP gateway plugs into your office’s local area network, and is permanently connected to the internet and subscribed to our network. Your PBX phone system then physically plugs into the VoIP gateway using the same lines that connected the PBX to your previous common carrier. Under these guidelines, no programming or configuration to your PBX or Key Telephone System is required. The VoIP gateway handles everything for you, and comes pre-programmed.

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