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Business VoIP Services Overview

Business VoIP phone services from Xpander will maximize the way your business operates in ways you haven’t even imagined… yet.

Choose one:

Hosted PBX – Our all-inclusive hosted PBX VoIP service provides everything your business needs to communicate from A to Z at the level of a Fortune 500 company, at a small business price. This means your business does not have to go out and spend money on a PBX phone system or any physical telephones.

SIP Trunking – Our SIP trunking VoIP service is a digital “phone line” solution that provides your business with local dial tone, local telephone numbers across America, toll-free telephone numbers, directory listing services, and unlimited calls to the US and Canada. Our SIP trunking service differs from our Hosted PBX service in that the SIP trunking service requires that your business already have a PBX phone system with physical telephone sets in place.

Hosted Call Center – Our Hosted Call Center VoIP service picks up where our hosted PBX service leaves off. The hosted call center adds invaluable features such as smart ACD queues, call monitoring, call coaching, call barging, call analytics, call recording, work-from-home agents and much more.

Conferencing – Our VoIP conference rooms provide your business with instant meeting places where callers can dial in or be automatically invited by the conference administrator. Our conference rooms are packed with features such as automatic scheduling, secure access, and web based administration.

What is VoIP service?

Business VoIP service is simply using your existing IP (Internet Protocol) network to make regular telephone calls and transmit your voice anywhere it needs to go in the world. Any business that’s open for business has an existing IP network because every business needs to connect itself to the internet. Businesses can leverage more value out of their existing IP networks by moving to a VoIP service provided by a dependable and high performing business VoIP service provider.

Why VoIP service?

Due to the fact business VoIP services are delivered over existing IP networks, businesses stand to gain tremendous flexibility and functionality. Our business VoIP services are:

  • Disaster proof – Never go down
  • Cost Saving – Lower your expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Scalable – Grow without worries of hitting costly barriers or growing pains
  • Mobile – Our phone service follows you
  • Plug and play – Move your phone service anywhere, on a dime
  • Feature rich – Handle calls in just about any way that you can imagine

Contact us to talk to a business VoIP specialist about which of our services is best for you.

  • Hosted PBX - Hosted PBX service is actually a business VoIP phone system that is hosted securely off-site and provides superior features and functionality over traditional PBX systems. If you currently need, or do not have a PBX system in your office, Hosted PBX service is what you are looking for! read more...
  • SIP Trunking - SIP trunking is a business grade digital phone service that provides your business with local dial tone, local telephone numbers, unlimited nationwide calling, and disaster-proof capabilities that go far beyond what traditional phone service has to offer. SIP trunks replace your current telephone lines and wipe out your current local and long-distance phone service bill entirely. If your business already has a good PBX system, SIP trunking service is what you are looking for!

  • Hosted Call Center - Hosted call center service is based on the hosted PBX, except the hosted call center adds rich features including call recording, call monitoring, listen, coach, analytics, and ACD queues. If your business primarily does sales and customer service over the phone, Hosted Call Center is what you are looking for!


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