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VoIP QoS Quality of Service

VoIP QoS enables crystal clear voice quality on every call .

QoS (Quality of Servic) is a valuable feature that is built into newer network routers and switches designed to boost IP performance. When used with VoIP, QoS features allow for voice traffic to flow through the network untouched, without any interference.

Our analogy:

Imagine your phone conversation is the President's motorcade traveling from point A to point B. QoS is the police security that pulls ahead to each intersection and stops traffic in either direction so that the motorcade can continue driving without ever stopping.

QoS acts as a "network cop" which polices traffic and when configured properly will always prevent your voice conversations from having any interruption.

Network routers that perform QoS

The router is the most important piece on your network that must perform QoS. The internet router acts as the permanent bridge between your local network (your desktop PCs or IP phones) and the internet.

Choose from the following:

Our QoS router makes life on the internet a whole lot smoother

Our QoS router makes life on the internet a whole lot smoother

We highly recommend the use of this router with any of our VoIP services.

Manufactured by Buffalo Networks.


Network switches with PoE (Power Over Ethernet)

PoE or Power Over Ethernet switches allow for your IP phones to obtain electrical power through the network cable, which means you no longer need to use the a/c adapter that came with the phone. This saves on wiring at the desk, and ease of moving phones from station to station.


Network Switches without PoE (Power Over Ethernet)

Network switches without power over ethernet will not provide power to your IP phones across the network cable, so you will still need to use the a/c power adapter that comes with each phone.


Whether you will be using hosted PBX, hosted call center, or SIP trunking service, QoS will ensure you get the absolute most out of your business VoIP service.

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