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VoIP Hardware

VoIP gateways allow you to keep legacy equipment such as non-IP PBX systems, fax machines, credit card machines, and alarm systems.

You may or may not need a VoIP gateway depending on your circumstances, here are some examples of when you would need a VoIP gateway:

  • You want to use a traditional analog fax machine with our VoIP phone service

  • You have a dial-up credit card machine you want to use with our VoIP phone service

  • You have a NON-IP ready PBX phone system you want to us with our SIP trunking service

Our VoIP gateways combined with our SIP trunking or hosted PBX VoIP service allow businesses to keep their existing legacy equipment and move to VoIP at their own pace.

Choose from the following:

Linksys PAP2T VoIP ATA

Linksys PAP2T VoIP ATA

Great for fax machines, modems, and small business legacy PBX systems.


Audiocodes Mediant 1000 series VoIP gateway

Audiocodes Mediant 1000 series VoIP gateway

Great for all legacy PBX systems including enterprise PBX systems.


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