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What is a Hosted PBX?

In order to understand what a hosted PBX is, one must first understand what a PBX is. The term PBX is just an abbreviation for Private Branch Exchange. The job of a PBX is to literally tie telephones together into a unified and organized system.


Hosted PBX vs IP PBX: The Security Risks

VoIP technology is here to stay, cemented in our future of business telecommunicating. There are 2 types of VoIP phone systems: the hosted PBX and the non-hosted IP PBX. The decision to go with one or the other has many layers and is impacted by your business organization’s wants, needs, and IT knowledge. Today i’m [...]


SIP Trunk vs PRI

SIP trunk vs PRI is a key comparison that many businesses are making. In the past, the PRI or Primary Rate ISDN line has been the gold standard in business phone service, that also came along with a gold price and a long-term agreement. For this reason, you will never see a real small business [...]


SIP Trunking: VoIP Line Replacement

You may have heard the term SIP trunking or SIP trunk thrown around by tech heads. The fact is it’s not a friendly term and most business owners, managers, or decision makers have a clue or care to have a clue what a SIP trunk is. Simply put, a SIP trunk is a VoIP telephone [...]


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